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Marcel GirĂ³

Peintures 2012


Marcel GirĂ³



Bon Voyage


Well designed books. Publish on demand

With more than 25 years working on graphic design Multistudio BOOKS introduces its new service on creating high quality books. Well made, different books printed by with the newest digital technologies and on the best papers.

The best way to display and store images of family celebrations, artists portfolios, travel, compilations, company reports, collections, catalogs, etc.. You can order a single book or as many copies as you want. It can be a physical and/or electronic book.

Tell us your idea and we'll turn it into a unique book.

Blurb offers very comprehensive and free tools for the user to layout his books. Multistudio BOOKS offers its design service if the user is unwilling or unable to use Blurb's tools, or simply want a professional design.

At the same time TR multistudio - Multistudio BOOKS acts as a classic publisher, publishing its own titles.


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